Hi There!

I'm Jono Kane, a San Francisco-based UX professional. Specifically, I'm a product/interaction designer and prototyper for mobile, web, and tablet.

I have a passion for creating exciting and unique media experiences on all screens. My career is primarily focused on mobile native, mobile web and desktop experiences. That said, I am a fan of many different forms of design and always love new design challenges. Check out some of my design work to get a better idea of what I do.

I also produce electronic music and take pictures.


Due to the sensitive nature of most of these projects, under NDA, I can not publicly share the original documentation. Please get in touch if you'd like more information about a specific project.

Up-to-date: May 2015.
  • Saratoga Speed

    Saratoga Speed hired Tangible UX to build a showcase-quality app to accompany their flagship enterprise storage systems. I designed the app from the ground up, helping translate a pure CLI app into a polished, beautiful, and intuitive status and control iPad app.

    Date: Winter 2014
    Role: Design Lead (Interaction Designer / Prototyper)
    Link (un-released): Saratoga Speed
  • Telenav

    Telenav hired Tangible UX to evaluate some of their current conceptual in-dash navigation apps. This was a fun project, as I was able to combine two passions of mine: autos and UX. We evaluated three different prototypes and presented a heuristic evaluation on that.

    Date: Winter 2014
    Role: UX Advisor / Interaction Designer
    Link (un-released): Telenav
  • HuddleUp

    HuddleUp is the result of great ideas from the minds of the Net Promoter Score System, with the goal of helping teams improve their workflow and collaboration. Tangible UX was hired to evolve their prototype into a powerful, usable, responsive app.

    Date: Fall of 2013
    Role: Design Lead (Interaction Designer / Design Manager)
    Link: HuddleUp
  • Breeze

    Breeze hired Tangible to help design an app which is intended to help bring onsite vendors like plumbers, locksmiths, dog walkers and personal trainers into the 21st century. It proved to be a fun and challenging design exercise, as the app is intended to help its users with everything from scheduling to billing.

    Date: Fall of 2012
    Role: Interaction Designer / Prototyper
    Link: Breeze
  • Intuit One Identity Prototype

    A fun and interesting project, Tangible UX was hired by Intuit to design, prototype, and test a unified authentication system and member center. We performed a few rounds of designs, then tested those designs with a week of usability tests.

    Date: Fall of 2012
    Role: Prototyper
    Link: Intuit
  • Bubbles

    My most significant project at Yahoo!, Bubbles, was an entirely new type of app; a spatial networking app which combined geo, social and fun. It was developed under the Yahoo! Catalyst innovation program. Sadly, this project met an untimely fate before it had a chance to shine in the public domain.

    I was the design-lead for this project. I created an IxD spec for both iOS and Android, and directed a small team of other contributors. I worked closely with a team of talented mobile and web engineers, as well as a brilliant product visionary and QA resources. An incredibly fun project that allowed me to grow immensely in my career.

    Date: Spring, Summer & Fall of 2011
    Role: Design Lead (Interaction Designer / Design Manager)
    Link: Yahoo!
  • Thingsly

    I performed some early IxD and design exploration work for Thingsly. My contributions to this very exciting startup project include some early-phase feature screens, as well as the cropping tool.

    Date: Spring, Summer & Fall of 2011
    Role: Design Lead (Interaction Designer / Design Manager)
    Link: (offline)
  • Yahoo! Developer Network

    A large part of my career at Yahoo! has been spent prototyping and designing various aspects of Yahoo!'s Developer Network. In 2007, I pioneered a method of rapid iterative prototyping for usability testing which involved building prototypes with real markup, instead of Flash (which was the industry standard method for usability prototypes at the time). This proved to be successful, as many aspects of the prototype itself were used as production code.

    In addition to building prototypes for Yahoo!/YDN, I also designed various features including the api uptime dashboard, app-publish functionality, YDN events and other modules.

    Date: Spring, Summer & Fall of 2011
    Role: Interaction Designer / Design Prototyper
    Link: Yahoo! Developer Network
  • Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

    A subset of Yahoo!'s Developer Network, the Design Pattern Library is a great resource for designers looking for reference regarding interaction patterns across multiple screens. I worked closely with Christian Crumlish to build the front end code so that we could publish all the patterns that he curated while at Yahoo!.

    Date: Spring, Summer & Fall of 2011
    Role: Front End Engineer
    Link: Yahoo! Design Pattern Library